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You may have known the reason of iTecH School from "Why iTecH School?" page.

Actually we have come from our own interest. As it is a noble work, we can't think it as a business. But it is harsh true that money is required everywhere. To provide the quality training/education, we need qualified trainer. On the contrary, they should have get paid as honour to keep trying the best from their own interest.

But we don't have any permanent sponsor. We have to manage fund from YT AD Revenue, small sponsor & our pocket money. It becomes very tough to continue with this small amount. If we get financial support, we will be able to do better. Then more qualified content will be delivered. If you/your brand/company want to take part in this noble work financially, please sponsor us. To sponsor us, please send us details through any of the option given bellow.

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    iTecH School Studio, 7th Floor, Bepari Mansion, Sahebpara Bazar, South Sanarpar, Narayanganj -1430

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    [email protected]